Sunday, June 7

Who is this Jack Wilson guy Anyway?

It was the best of times (Saturday) and the worst of times (Sunday) for the Red Sox this weekend, we'll keep it at that. Off the diamond, rumors continue to swirl and heat up in regards to who will be playing short stop for the Red Sox after the trade deadline. One thing is for sure, it will not be Julio Lugo. The Sox have been window shopping for weeks now, but more phone calls are being made each day at this point. One short stop of particular interest is Pittsburgh's Jack Wilson.

Being in Pittsburgh, no one knows a thing about this guy, so ITM figured it would be good to pull a little information on the 31 year old.....who inevitably will suck if Theo acquires him to play short in may be the only thing/position Theo has really struggled with since becoming a god in New England.

Current Stats:
.273 average, 1 hr, 19 rbi, .299 OBP - 5 errors committed

Scouting Report

Has an excellent glove at short, complete with soft hands, range and an accurate arm. Hits to all fields and is good at setting the table. Everything Julio Lugo can't do at this point.

Doesn't always hit for a high average or take advantage of his running ability on the base-paths. Isn't great at taking bases on balls regularly (Theo/his staff can change that)

Future Potential:
An average everyday shortstop, solid in most areas without the flash or power of others in his position.

To me, he's what Jed Lowrie likely will be when he gets back from his wrist injury. Perhaps his production numbers increase slightly in a better lineup, but he will also be facing better pitching on a consistent basis in the AL East vs the NL Central. Sure he is slated to make almost 2 million less than Lugo, but I don't see a measured improvement over a healthy Jed Lowrie here.

Parting with a young arm or anyone besides Lugo for Wilson would be a tough pill to swallow. He's a solid ballplayer in a small market, there is nothing wrong with that, I just don't see the true value add of acquiring him at this point.

Bring on the Yanks.

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Joe Murph said...

Agreed. He doesn't sound like an upgrade from Lowrie, so it seems like we should just plug through until Lowrie gets back at the All-Star break. It's a month away and in the meantime we're hanging around the top of the League, so why waste a young asset on a month of this guy?

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