Monday, July 20

It's Just Mazz Being Mazz

I think I can speak for nearly everyone when saying I wish it was still the weekend. But as we get back into it this week I could not pass on an opportunity to share a great article by Tony Mazz. Some of you may have already read it, but I know we have readers on the Southcoast that don't follow the Globe too closely...why you ask? I'm still not sure.

I've always been a fan of Tony Mazz, but the transition to the Globe appears to have really sparked both his writing and insight. Sure he sounds like a 13 year old girl, laughs like a hiena, and has probably kissed 2 women in his life, but you gotta respect the quality he's bringing to the table here. Simply put, you don't get this kind of information and inside knowledge in most articles.....and if you're a fan of the game of baseball, you'll enjoy it. Pink hats should steer clear.

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