Saturday, August 22

Beat it Penny

There is nothing like flying home from your honeymoon and having the captain come over the PA to give us the awful score of the Sox/Yankee game.....did he want me to get arrested on the plane for threatening people's lives? Not only was the flight delayed forever, Brad Penny continued to showcase his inability to keep the Sox in a baseball game.

To say he's been bad would be an looks like the Sox dropped the ball in early July when he was one of the most coveted pitchers within a thin market.

But don't worry Sox fans, Tim Wakefield has just replaced Penny in the rotation. After throwing a gem in Pawtucket and reportedly feeling fine, Wake will start on Weds. As for Penny, who really cares, all he's been good for over the last 12 starts has been crocked numbers and 97 mph fastballs high and outside of the zone.

This afternoon's game is significant in many ways, perhaps the least of which being the team they're playing however. Get this team's pitching healthy and into the playoffs and I'm optimistic regardless.

Go Sox.

PS: this post came from my bberry, so it's quite possible it reads like a 7 year old wrote it. Nothing beats blogging about the Sox in the Trader Joes parking lot.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If we have Beckett, Lester, the current version of Buchholz, going in the playoffs, I like us against anyone. I'm sure today's 14-1 victory is helping me type that.

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