Monday, August 3

Going Around the Horn

If you're not excited for this upcoming week of Red Sox baseball you don't have a soul. A quick two game series with the Rays in the foreclosure capital of the world, and then a big 4 game set against the Yanks in the big apple. The pitching matchups are listed below, and there is a lot to look forward to.
  • Lester vs Garza- Probably the best pitching matchup of the week. Should be a great leadoff game tomorrow.

  • Penny vs Price

  • Smoltz vs Joba

  • Beckett vs Burnett- The media will hype this one up, and somehow both pitchers will probably be out of the game by the 4th.

  • Buchholz vs CC

  • Lester vs Pettitte

~The series in NY has all the makings of a classic. The outcome of each game could determine who has the AL East lead that night. There will surely be steroid chants, there is that eight straight victories over the Yankees thing, and Clay Buchholz will likely become a hero or a goat in his start against CC.

~The Sox have seemingly found their offensive stroke with the addition of V-Mart. I'm pretty sure T Murph would already have a V-Mart jersey if he didn't spend money on a LaRoche one. I can't wait for the newest addition to come to Fenway and rake. Between his versatility and hitting style, it's like adding another Youkilous to the lineup.

~The longer it takes for Ortiz to come out and explain himself....the harder it'll be to believe anything he says. Ortiz should hold a press conference today, get it out of the way. Tell the truth and get it over with before the big games start up.

~Since June 1st, Ortiz is leading the majors in taters....PED's or not.....check the eye drops?

~Anyone else think the steroid story with Jerry Remy's son is hilarious? Have you seen the pictures? Priceless.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Did they even have enough time to produce LaRoche jerseys???

Sox/Lester need to set the tone tongiht!

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