Sunday, August 30

We Might Have to Get Use to Paul Byrd

Boston got more than they expected out of Paul Byrd today in a 7-0 win over Toronto. The Sox were able to complete a sweep of the Jays at Fenway with what they thought would be a spot start from the 58 year old Byrd, however, recent news out of the organization indicates Red Sox Nation should get used to seeing Byrd and his old school windup every fifth day.

Tim Wakefield's back is treating him like the 43 year old he is. Reportedly, when getting out of bed yesterday morning, he was unable to stand completely erect....which sounds very similar to the lower back problems that forced him to the DL back in July. Wake will receive a cortisone shot and likely play it by ear. Don't be surprised to see another trip to the 15 day DL around the corner.

Wakefield's issues is somewhat expected of an over the hill major league ballplayer. Dice-K on the other hand, he might as well be throwing lefty. The terrible year that his 2009 season continued today. Daisuke Mastuzaka got shelled in a 49 pitch, five run first inning against Double A New Hampshire. He followed the rough first with a 1-2-3 second and totaled 58 pitches on the day.....yeah, that makes me feel a lot better. We all know that Double A team in New Hampshire has a powerful lineup and is just like pitching in meaningful (or even playoff games) at Fenway. The Red Sox have to be really concerned here, they've simply sunk too much time and too many dollars into a guy who has seemingly lost the ability to pitch effectively.

Today's Wasdin-like line from Dice-K comes as a bit of surprise. Prior to the start, all reports out of the organization indicated a revitalized and strengthened pitcher, a man rededicated to returning to form by getting himself in top physical condition to pitch. Now I'm not saying we should give up on Dice-K all together, but we should go into the stretch run and postseason assuming he'll be what he's been all year long, one hell of an expensive non factor.
Outside of that, you gotta be happy with the game today....Go Sox.


Soxin09' said...

Was expecting to see a post on how much of a stud Wagner is.

This news is much worse. Viva la Byrd!

Joe Murph said...

The Wakefield status is pretty frightening, but I can't help believing in Daisuke. Like you said, New Hampshire's the Murderer's Row of northern New England. Everyone knows that.

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