Wednesday, September 9

Dice-K: Coming to a Rotation Near You

In what was perhaps the most anticipated class A start in recent memory, Dice-K threw 89 pitches over 6 2/3 innings for the Salem Red Sox earlier tonight against Winston-Salem....essentially a good division three college team. He gave up one earned run and a walk while striking out seven. While the competition is surely questionable, the significant amount of swings and misses, while commanding his strike zone is a key takeaway.

After providing the details of his start, NESN went on to report that it was called his last rehab expect Dice-K to start in what will likely be a very meaningful game for the Sox....most likely a home game against the Halos early next week.

Maybe it's the time away, or perhaps it's just the utter shambles that is the current stat of the back end of the Sox rotation, but I for one am really excited for Dice-K's return. Stay tuned for a version of ITM throwing Dice-K under the bus if he gets shelled.

ITM note: how is this Ranger team still winning? Don't they know how much they're overachieving, and that on paper, they're just not that good?


Soxin09' said...

Maybe we should tell him to act as if he's pitching for team Japan in the WBC, then he'll toss a great game.

Joe Murph said...

Little update. After last night's game, Salem's manager said this: "[Daisuke] came in here and got his work done and it was just like we drew it up. This is exactly what we wanted and now we can send him on his way back to Boston." Sounds like confirmation, Vicino. You'll get your wish next week.

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