Wednesday, September 16

The Dominance Continues....

Anyone who watched the game tonight knows one thing for sure, the Halos are cursed. There is simply no other way to explain it. They just can't beat the Red Sox, especially at Fenway, it's jut not their destiny.

The Sox did everything in their power to lose tonight's game, instead, Anaheim (and the umpires) gave it right back to them, allowing two separate comebacks that had me screaming like a 12 year old girl.

First the Pats on Monday night, and now the Sox, someone is surely on Boston's side as we've pulled off getting W's in games we had no reason winning.

Anaheim fans have every reason to be upset, the ball 4 call to Nick Green was undoubtedly a strike, especially considering the situation. Name me one other time in recent memory when an ump hasn't rung up a guy to end a game on a pitch that close? Perhaps the ump fell to the pressure of 38,000 screaming Red Sox fans, either way, the Angels just can't close out the Sox.

I'm wondering if Anaheim will even bother showing up against Boston if the standings hold and they meet in the ALDS (totally kidding here, but you can't help but think we're totally in their heads).

So the Red Sox technically now own the 2nd best record in baseball, with only 58 losses. They've rolled off 7 straight wins at the perfect time and have rendered the faltering Rangers effectively insignificant. All that makes it easy to go to bed with a smile on my face tonight


beatLAA said...

Didn't it look like their left fielder gave no effort? If that was Jason Bay he would have gone all out and dove for it. It was like they really were destined to lose and he knew it.

Joe Murph said...

Surprising - that was the first time all season, in all of baseball, that a 9th inning bases loaded walk tied up a game. So you're right, Vicino, sure isn't often that umpires can resist ringing up in that situation.

D Vicino said...

I absolutely thought Rivera should have dove for the ball, he dogged it and threw up the white flag....but can you blame him? He knows they just can't seem to beat the Sox, so why try?

If that was a boston player, we would be ripping him today. But out West in la-la land, they probably don't even know who the Halos are playing right now.

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