Wednesday, October 7

Afternoon Brew - NY House Blend

Okay, couldn't help sharing a few of this morning's headlines to get you ready for the evening matchup. This is just a glimpse into what it's like waking up in the heart of Yankee-land every day.

NYTimes - Can You Say Mismatch? The Yankees Sure Can. (New York is aware that Minnesota has won 17 of its last 21 games, right?)

NYPost - It's Twins - Minnesota First Step to Yankees Title. (This was actually the headline for the Twins-Tigers game recap.)

NYPost - Lack of Mound Ace Sure to Doom Twins

NYDailyNews - Reggie: A-Rod Will Rock October. (Reggie Jackson really is under the impression that he's been given some sort of royal October title, with actual magical powers included.)

NYDailyNews - Are CC, A.J. and Teix worth $423.5m? (I liked this one because it sort of exudes the drunken exuberance of the Yankees ownership and fan-base. It's like one of them accidentally had a lucid interval during the Vegas binge and asked whether they should have really paid to eat day-old sushi off of that middle-aged Japanese lady. Come on Daily News, these are questions for the offseason. Right now is about reckless douchery.)


DVicino said...

Appreciate the NY headlines...but they just make me so angry. So full of themselves...a part of me wants the Twins to shock their asses, but more of me wants to that chance to wipe the floor with them in the ALCS....

Jeter'sDaddy said...

agree that the NY media is high and mighty on this one, but you have to admit this is a mismatch. The Yankees should roll in this series. I only hope it's the Sox and not the Angels that they face in the ALCS.

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