Friday, October 9

Behind the Plate Tonight, the Worst Umpire in the League...No Joke.

(Thanks to JoyofSox for the pic)

Clearly safe right? I nearly flipped the coffee table over last night after two piss poor calls from CB Bucknor....aka, the worst umpire in baseball. I'm not even making this up: in multiple surveys of 400 different MLB players over the past few years, Bucknor was overwhelmingly voted the worst in the game. I honestly don't know how Youk didn't flip out and power bomb the guy after those calls.

So this is exactly the guy you want behind the plate calling a very important ALDS game right? Unbelievable.

You can feel the tired anger in the financial district was only game one, but it was such a frustrating game, from only mustering 4 singles, to terrible umpires, to Torii Hunter going bazerk, it was rough. As a result, tonight's game becomes as close to a must win as possible.

Let's all hope Beckett bounces back tonight....because alliteration tends to win ball games. I'm convinced of that. Somewhere in Needham, I can hear Tommy Heinsohn screaming "Big Bang Boom Beckett!".....that was terrible. Ok, Go Sox.


Tommy said...

Bing Bang Boom Beckett!

Anonymous said...

Torii really did go effing crazy. Impressive.

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