Monday, October 26

ITM's AL MVP Ballot...

The three of us who write for ITM scrambled this evening to meet the AL MVP voting deadline, submitting our ballot to the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA). We still have differences in the exact order of the top ten, but the list below represents a little bit of compromised on all sides. Perhaps the biggest difficulty was keeping Jason Bay off the list, and listing two Yankees ahead of Youk.....our attempt at "fair and balanced".

1. Joe Mauer
2. Mark Texeira
3. Kendry Morales
4. Miggy Cabrera
5. Derek Jeter
6. Zack Grienke
7. Kevin Youkilis
8. Adam Lind
9. Evan Longoria
10.Ben Zobrist

A press release from the BBA is due out tonight, showcasing final votes. It's going to be interesting how closely, or completely far off we all are from the baseball writers association.


redsoxfandave said...

Jeter's going to be higher than fifth. It's a tribute thing for him because he's been a HOF player without an MVP. He may win the whole thing for that reason, which is a shame because Mauer was the clear MVP.

DVicino said...'s funny you bring up Jeter because he was our main point of contention in throwing this list together. One of us wanted him as high as two; another didn't have him in his top 6. We found a little compromise at 5.

I agree with you that there will be some "tribute voting" here, and he may very well come in higher than 5, but he better not steal any votes from Mauer, the hands down winner.

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