Friday, October 2

Lester Dominates, Excitement Builds

Jon Lester is no sally, a little line drive off his leg isn't going to stop this man from dominating lineups for as long as he wants. I mean, the guy beat cancer, did we honestly think he wouldn't spin a great game against a defeated Cleveland team? Last night, he put to bed any injury concerns by providing another ho-hum gem.

Sadly, we've become so spoiled by Lester that anything other than dominance is questioned. A few buddies and I went to the game last night with expectations of a great pitching performance, we certainly got it, but we expected nothing less. He would get two strikes on a batter and we would already be getting up to get in the beer line since we knew Lester would ruin the hitter for strike three (ITM note, we definitely had a few too many trips to the beer line).

He's turned into one of, if not the best left-handed arms in the league right in front of our eyes. He's leapfrogged over perhaps the best post season pitcher of our generation to start game one of the upcoming ALDS, and none of us blinked an eye.

Maybe it was the beer consumption, maybe it was the October bite of cold in the air, but last night's game sent me to another level of excitement for baseball's playoffs. If Beckett is able to throw up goose eggs and strike out 9, I might not sleep until game one of the ALDS next week.

Go Sox.

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