Friday, October 16

Who to Cheer for Now?

We're still not discussing the end of Boston's season. Instead, I thought I'd chime in with tonight's dilemma, with the Sox unfortunately out of the mix, who do you root for at this point?

Clearly I want the Angels to sweep the hell out of the Yanks. (ITM note, NYY fans should hang their heads in shame at the possibility of not selling out tonight's game, as of a few hours ago, 6,000 tickets remained unsold. Sad excuse for a fan base).

An Angels sweep of the Yanks isn't likely, but still, no matter what happened last week, you gotta cheer for Hunter and Co to shock the increasingly over confident Yankee fans. After that, my allegiance would turn far away from the Halos.

That said, it wouldn't feel right cheering for a NL team, the Dodgers could all rupture their achilles and I wouldn't care. I'm also not convinced many people in Los Angeles would notice. The Phillies have won it already, but may be the feel good story if they could beat either of the AL juggernauts. However, the only time I've every seen people here in Boston wearing Phillis hats have been the last two Octobers.....questionable at best.

So I guess my job is to root for the Phillies. Maybe the better way to say it is to not root against them. I don't like it, but I don't have a choice. I'm a fan of baseball, and I'll be sacrificing my grade on tomorrow's big final by screaming at the Yankees to fail tonight.

Random ITM question...what's the over/under on how many times the word "fisted" will be used in tonight's brodcast? Current line is at 54.

*This was composed and posted on a crowded subway train, now that's dedication people.

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Soxin09' said...

No post since last week. Am I to assume you guys are taking the offseason off?

Or are you still in mourning?

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