Thursday, November 12

Buster Onley: Sox may stay quiet

The Busta Bust is grabbing the torch from Peter Gammons and running with it. Not that I equate the two, but this guy is waiting in the wings, ready to pounce on the title of "the god of baseball knowledge". Olney makes a few quality points here, and even goes so far as to suggest the Sox will stay quiet this off season in preparation to land some big time names next off season when the free agent market is better (think Mauer) and the economy has recovered (God willing). I'm not entirely sold on the economic significance within this theory, but there is growing talk that the Sox will take a similar road as last off season and look for low risk, high reward type players.

Names like Erik Bedard and Justin Duchscherer are currently being tossed around.

Call me crazy, but this theory doesn't seem to match up wtih Theo's recent comments in Chicago while at the GM meetings. He's not saying anything definitive, but indicated the desire to push the payroll envelope this off season if it makes sense. We know the money is there, bad economy or not, go out and get it done Theo. While you're at it, keep taking a little out of the ol' pay check for Mauer in 2011.

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