Monday, December 7

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Sure, you probably have a case of the Mondays right now.... but one of the most exciting weeks of the baseball offseason is upon us. The Winter Meetings.

General Managers, their crew of nerd analysts, and super agents all converge on a Marriott in Indy to truly get the off season moving. Why they chose Indy in December as a location is beyond me (outside of its central geographic location). Anyways, the Winter Meetings are like the Comic-Con Festival for normal people, an exciting four days of trade rumors, contract talks, and straight up lying. I love it all.

Inevitably, the majority of the talk we hear of is just that, talk. That said, it would still surprise me if the Sox don't, at the very least, make a few additions to their roster this week. The new-found but expected holes in the bullpen provide Theo with some low level deals to pursue. The general consensus is that those holes could be filled quickly given the thin market for bullpen help.

We don't have to go into all of Boston's needs, that wouldn't be considered good for our collective health on a Monday morning. However, the Sox have started out active this offseason, whether you like it or not, and have provided us with every indication they'll remain so this week. Keep your fingers crossed that we address so of our organizational needs appropriately.

So be ready, put your mouse on the refresh button, freak out over every trade rumor which was likely completely made up by either an agent, or the guy in the cube next to you, and hope Theo provides us with an early Christmas present.....or at least a news story to get our minds off of the Patriots. Awful.

Go Sox.

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