Thursday, December 31

Shutting the Door and Getting the Save for 2009...


2009 has been a crazy year in the world of baseball. Let's do one last quick ITM around the horn to close the door on the decade....

J-Bay: We all know by now that J-Bay will be a Met next year. It's going to be really difficult to see....both because the Mets franchise is run by a 4th grader and because he won't be playing in front of the green monster at Fenway. At least he is out of the AL and Boston pitchers won't have to strike him out too often. Obviously, as an obsessed baseball fan I've had a lot of J-Bay related are some takeaways:

  • "he's going to lead the league in sacrifice flies" - T Muph

  • "Over/Under on J-Bay hitting 30 taters? - I've got the WAY UNDER" - Joe Murph

  • "I think it's a definite upgrade for this year, but who knows 3-4 years down the line. As of right now Bay, Beltran, Francoeur is our outfield and that looks pretty sick, probably one of the best outfields in baseball. Too bad our pitching staff looks like AAA Buffalo, save for Santana. " - A Met's fan that will remain nameless in order to keep him safe

-Matt Holliday: News broke today that he's close to resigning with St. Louis for 8 years, 140 million. Wait...WHAT? I'm I the only one that thinks this offer is absolutely ridiculous and Bud Selieg should intervene to rid the game of such stupidity? 8 years? Really, 8 years?!? Is this the friggin NHL or something? 140 million guaranteed over 8 years?...something has to be wrong, I honestly thought I was reading the articles wrong, or there had to be typos..... He can't possibly getting twice the length and dollars that J-Bay is (that's what she said)...can he? Only in the NL...and the American League East....

-If Mike Lowell has surgery...but no one actually reads the column...does it actually happen? I feel like we read about a Mike Lowell surgery story every 6 weeks. Nothing against the guy, but still.

-Does anyone else remember Gary Sheffield hitting his 500th home run earlier this year? It was a question at trivia last night, and it had the entire bar pretty much stumped (we don't go on our blackberries or iPhones and cheat like the rest of you). Anyways, I thought Sheff was dead.

Alright, 2009 is fading out and beverages are to be had. Happy New Years to all, and let's all pray for a 2010 that includes Adrian Gonzalez playing first base for the some point at least.

Go Sox.


redsoxfandave said...

All you need to know about Sheff's career is that he's the only guy to ever hit #500 for a team he'd never played for before.

No one can stand the guy.

Come to think of it, that's probably why you thought he was dead. He's dead to every team he ever played for, which is like half the league.

And yes, the Holliday signing is just silly.

Soxin10' said...

I might hate Gary Sheffield more than any other baseball player not named Barry Bonds.

Did Scott Boras really just get Holliday that deal? Unreal.

See How Much I Poured? said...

Agree with both you guys. Sheff is right up there with Karl Malone for the people I reserve the most hate for.

I thought with the consumption of alcohol last night I could find a way to rationalize the Holliday numbers...but I failed miserably.

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