Wednesday, January 20

ITM- Going Around the Horn

A quick, ITM hump day edition of going around the horn.....

-When I learned today that the Sox and their 4th outfielder Jeremy Hermida were nearly a million dollars away from each other, my first reaction was to scream "I didn't know Hermida was worth a million". I'm kidding of course, but you get my point. I don't see either side trusting the fate of a million dollars on a reserve player to a third party. They'll settle in the middle of the 3-4 million dollar range (who is this, Brian Scalabrine?). Also, why is it so difficult to say Hermida without laughing? Just me?...ok, moving right along then...

-Jose-Enrique-Igelsias ran through a few drills with the media on hand today....general consensus was to wait for Spring Training and a full year of minor league baseball to pass judgement on the 20 year old... but so far, so good. Also, another side note, he's already started to learn English and dropped some words on the media today....what's up Vlad Guerrero??? You fraud.

-Anyone else a little pissed about the quick title of "Unanimous Team of the Decade" SI is spooning to the Yanks? Look at the efficiency numbers, and last time I checked, the Sox took home two pieces of hardware as well. I'm not saying the Sox should have that title, rather I'm just pointing out the ball-washing going on. PS: Check out the Marlins and Twins on those break outs....who says it's all about payroll?

-In the nothing to do with Boston but we'll make it seem that way category: Tim Lincecum should be so upset with the low-balling San Francisco Giants that he should demand a trade to the Red Sox. Perhaps the best young pitcher in the game and you low ball his demand by 5 million bucks? That's a slap in the face. Timmy, if you're reading this, Boston is the San Fran of the East Coast...except Boston will pay you more, provide you with the chance to win championships every year, and the fans here actually care for our team. That should do it, sold.

-Less than a month until pitchers and catchers...who's "tentatively excited" with me?

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