Tuesday, January 12

Once a Liar, Always a Liar

I've had a lot of people ask me for thoughts on Mark McGwire, and for the most part I'm sure I've disappointed them when only saying "He just confirmed what we already knew."

To be honest, that's the truth, we shouldn't be surprised... nor should the news be covering this more than the huge earthquake in Haiti...but I digress. I'm also not sure how much more of McGwire's mangled neck I can look at. You'd think a millionaire would have that fixed up right? Digressing, again....sorry. Anyways, I'd hate to say it, but Jose Canseco was right...he may be a big dumb animal who is constantly on the brink of bankruptcy, but he was right.

McGwire's claim that roids didn't help him drop taters at a faster rate (per AB) than anyone else in history is complete crap. Time may have softened the media's rage, but I don't buy anything that Big Mac is selling. If you can read and can navigate Baseball Reference, you can see that his post 1993 numbers (and ratios) skyrocketed. Not only did he break the rule of no crying in baseball, he also sank any small glimmer of hope he may have had to make the Hall of Fame.....you can't tell nerds (see Tony Mazz), not to believe the numbers.

So let's get beyond it. The game is cleaner than it has been in some 30 years, but it will never be void of cheaters. I just feel bad for the Wolly Joyners of the world who lost out on so much because of the era in which he played. (ITM note: that said, I don't trust anyone at this point...T Murph is probably on the juice for all I know).

As a sport, baseball, despite the economy, is transitioning out of the steriod era farily successfully....let's close the book on it. Then again, maybe McGwire's admission will push Sosa and Bonds to finally come out and confirm they're the frauds we all know they are.
Thanks to misunderestimation for the pic.

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Soxin10' said...

Wolly Joyner was a man among.....bigger, stronger, juiced men. Agreed, it's too bad.

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