Monday, February 8

Dusty Says: "Let's go Merck!"

Sun's out Guns out right?.....

He's absolutely insane....and far too small to be an all star at any level, let alone make millions of dollars in the big leagues........but he pulls it off. He's also incredibly gifted, somehow humble, and hilarious at the same time. Check out an off season workout video of Dusty courtsey of

The best part has to be when he screams "look at the show" while benching 60 pound dumbells.

Good to know Dusty is working hard and is ready for Spring Training which starts in 9 days.....with the Superbowl over, it's officially baseball season (not that it ever wasn't).

For the complete story, including Dusty's oddly rational use of the phrase "let's go merck", check it out here.


Soxin10' said...

Pedroia looks to be in good shape, and as dumb as ever. I wish I had a Lebonese chef, but she would have to look better than his!

See How Much I Poured? said...

you know it. Pedey is going to rake in 2010. How do I know this?....Because he's a keeper on my fantasy baseball team.

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