Wednesday, February 17

ITM Breaks Down, Punches Ticket to Ft Myers

If you've been following ITM at all over the off season you know two things.

1-We've been pretty lazy in updating the site


2-We swore off going to Spring Training this year. From the leftover feeling of disgust as a result of October 2009, to the general disapproval of this off season's moves, we weren't going. No way. Not this year. Not after what the Red Sox have done to us.

Well you now know this, we're complete suckers.

A week ago I got an email from Joe Murph saying "come on man, I needs this" (in regards to going to Ft Myers). We talked it over, I was an amazingly easy sell....and when Boston got another 6 inches of snow last night, we pulled the trigger and bought the tickets.

We'll be spending four days in Ft Myers in an attempt to soak up as much sun, baseball, and adult beverages as possible. I'd like to think we'll capitalize on lessons learned from last year (i.e., not getting lost in the ghetto during the middle of the night and continuing to walk around half in the bag), but let's be honest, we won't. With any luck, one of us won't get licked in the face by a drunken cougar this year.....however I offer no promises.

Honestly though, we hope to check out the minor league facility/players, travel with the team to a few road games, and ultimately take in around four spring training games.

Suckers or not...Go Sox.


Elizabeth said...

Oh please rental car gods - make it two hilarious years in a row!

Soxin10' said...

Nice ride.

and "licked in the face by a drunken cougar"??? How come there was never a post on that? Do tell.

DVicino said...

I like to think we made the most of our ride...but stories of honey buns, bikini car washes, and drunken cougars licking faces will stay in our pockets for a while.

...until we have a few beverages and then it all comes out.

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