Monday, March 29

ITM: Going Around the Horn

Quick lunchtime post to help me get through another rain-filled Monday.

-Dice-K just wrapped up a simulated game at the minor league facility. He threw 62 pitches and struck out seven over three innings of work, allowing two hits. The media is giving him the thumbs up and waving their Japanese flags, but I'd like him to do it in a game against some major league talent....not 18 year old kids.

-I can't figure out how Josh Beckett can't be offended by the rumors that the Sox will not go past 4 years in their extension offer. When you consider the AJ Burnett deal as the benchmark, and the 5 year, 82.5 million dollar package to bring Lackey to Boston, you have to assume Beckett is drooping some mean F Bombs and breaking stuff throughout the entire state of Texas. Perhaps it's a negotiating ploy, but if they're unwilling to go the extra mile to lock up Beckett, consider him gone (and possibly to the Yanks).

Please remember:

-Beckett is two years younger than Lackey

-He's had a comparable injury history

-He has better overall numbers than both Lackey and AJ (both regular and post season)

-He's been the ace of your rotation and leads by example, taking Lester under his wing

-He put us on his back in 2007 and carried us to a world series championship

Since when have the Sox become amazingly risk averse? Maybe being burned by all the current dead money on the books has caused them to act irrationally.....but to me, this is a slap in the face to our ace.

-I've been striking out in my efforts to find a Jose Iglesias t-shirt jersey thus far, any help would be appreciated. Maybe ITM just needs to get on the ball and make our own?

-The Rangers are reportedly still interested in Mike Lowell. I had someone in my office try to convince me the Marlins or some other NL team will grab him.....Seriously? With no DH there is no chance he goes to a NL squad. Mark it zero, next frame.

-For a list of the offseason improvements made to Fenway, check out the Herald's article here. Also, read the comments to the story and you'll think that all Red Sox fans are pathetic whiners. In fact, read the comments to any Herald article and all you'll see are complainers. Annoying.

Alright, lunch is over, back to the grind.

6 days.....Go Sox.


Tom said...

Count yourself lucky on not finding your jersey yet. I thought I was lucky getting my Daniel Bard t-shirt in the late fall gearing up for the upcoming season...then he goes & changes his uni # this season!!! Now when I break it out everyone will assume it's a Josh Bard shirt... lucky me.

ITM-Vicino said...

haha, that's a tough one Tom. Not much you can do about that.

I think I'll buy it either way at this point....even while knowing that the number will likely change.

The real question is, how long is it going to take for all those pink hat cougars to realize their pink Jacoby Ellsbury t-shirt jersys have the wrong number on the back now? My money says it'll take most until August, if at all.

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