Wednesday, March 24

Pics From ITM in Ft Myers - Until Next Year

We here at ITM are already planning next year's trip to Ft Myers. The next 10 days are likely to drag prior to opening day......but for now, we can look back on some of the pics below and remember happier, warmer times in Ft Myers.

ITM Note: These are a filtered set of pictures we decided we could post without getting in trouble with real life issues (work, significant others, etc).

The crowd gathers at the Minor League Complex as Dice-K gets ready. There was not a fan or scout to be found the day before.

Solid seats for the Sox/Astros game.

View from the right field seats.

Joe Murph never takes a day off......usually.....sometimes. Blogging from his bberry (and/or feverishly checking the Georgetown score....I wasn't allowed to bring that game up for the rest of the trip).

How does Theo always manage to look so cool? Serious man love/envy.

Getting a close up view of Casey Kelly's bullpen session. Joe ponders if he could take him deep.

Another set of solid seats in Bradenton against the Pirates.

BP at the City of Palms Park.

The Pirate's stadium in Bradenton....certainly smaller than City of Palms Park....but we liked the Cape League-like feel.

Iggy knows a high roller when he sees one..

Iggy, shaking hands, kissing babies, spinning double plays and knocking triples. In a word, studly.


Elizabeth said...

Glad to see so many references to the Kia Rio. Seems the rental car gods were listening loud and clear... Can only hope that this hysterical streak continues with each new ITM Spring Training adventure.

PS - Where are the pics of said ridic rental car?

See How Much I Poured? said...

We made the executive decision not to further document our questionable manhood by taking pics of the Rio for the entire internet to see. There is only so far we'll go.

That said, next year we'll probably end up with a Volkswagen bug...with what sounds like 4 guys making the trip down next year, I'll make sure someone takes a pic of that clown car.

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