Monday, April 5

And The Emotional Roller Coaster Begins...

What an amazing opening night. Here are some quick game one take aways (drafted on the subway, via blackberry):

-The emotional roller coaster started right out the gate, at least the Sox didn't delay the inevitable?

-Pedro throwing out the first pitch made me miss him. Diva-ness aside,1999 remains the best season I've ever seen from a pitcher.

-Beckett left pitches up in the zone and looked shaky at best. That said, I'm not worried. He had no feel for his curve ball, and was essentially limited to two pitches. He'll be fine.

-Neither team should be too happy about the game, potent lineups, but sloppy middle relief.

-For one game at least, the offense silenced the critics.

-The new guys at the bottom of the order had a nice opening act,consistency will be key.

-Pedroia and Youk are still undervalued. They're the heart and soul of this team.

-If any of my neighbors have just moved in over the past 4 or 5months, they're about to realize a major change in the building. I hope they don't try to fall asleep early.

-I love having Peter Gammons on NESN. (Trick question, Gammons is god). Although he may dive across the table and strangle Jim Rice by game 14.

-Heidi brought her A game for opening night. Boom.

-How classic was JD's called strike three in the 2nd inning? Vintage stuff. He battled hard over 8 pitches but took a called strike 3 right over the plate. He showed no emotion and was making himself a sandwich on the bench by the time the ball made it around the horn.

-In the 5th inning my brother texted me that he was too mad to watch anymore and was going to bed. 2 innings later, when the Sox tied it,he calls me screaming in excitement. Yep, it's officially Red Sox season.

-I'm amazingly happy the Sox got the W last night. If not this Monday off day would be terrible for everyone near me. The words Monday and off day (in regards to the Sox) are a terrible combination. Couple that with a opening night loss to the Yankees and I would've lost it.

Hate the fact that today's an off day already. Such a tease. Go Sox.

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