Sunday, April 25

ITM: A Review of the Monster: 1:20pm Update

(T Murph and his best friend....the most sober he looked all day)

It was a long weekend for us here at ITM, resulting in a "grit it out" performance at today's Sox game. Myself, T Murph, my brother and cousin spent the afternoon working off hangovers by sinking more beers at our standing room seats on top of the monster.

As today's earlier post indicated, we started the day at Remy's, where a severely hungover T Murph immediately christened the place by chucking in the bathroom. However, in a day where T Murph defined the term puke and rally, we managed to make the most of an otherwise crappy day on at the ballpark.

It was my first time on top of the monster, and I must say, I wasn't disappointed. From the great views, to the dedicated beer stand, to the severely intoxicated women hitting on T Murph, being on the monster is a great experience. The only thing missing in the equation was a Red Sox win.

Some additional thoughts:

-Adrian Beltre, making the tough plays look easy, and the easy plays amazingly tough since 2010

-Standing room monster seats are 35 dollars, face value. The actual seats are over a hundy spot....get there early to claim a good spot and the standing room is such a better deal
-If you have monster seats, get there an hour and a half to two hours early to shag homerun balls during BP. You'll have to fight off seven 12 year olds from Weston and Wellesley to secure yourself a ball, but it's worth it.

-After giving it some thought, we all decided that if we were in the front row of the monster seats, we'd definitely fall off of it. Serious liability.

-Had I caught that Miggy Tejada tater, I would have given it the ol' rookie of the year toss back onto on the field

-The Orioles are 3-16, awesome

-The phrase retox-to-detox was proven today. As a result, everyone around us on the monster either loved us, or hated us. I'm pretty sure I hated us.

-Oki's intro music might be the most annoying thing in the world. I don't know how people live in Japan.

-D Bard had one of those unhittable days. It's days like today that I have Iglesias-like excitement for the guy...which means tomorrow he'll give up a three run tater on a change up.

-We returned to Remy's after the game, and I'm proud to report that T Murph got some revenge (and preserved what little manhood he has left), by sinking a beer without booting in the bathroom.

-Remy's food, while a bit pricey, continues to impress

The Sox are currently flying up to Canada for a series against Toronto, after which they're headed back to Baltimore....they need to clean up against these weak teams...getting close to 500 would be nice.

Afternoon Update: (additional pics)

(T Murph utilizing some binoculars "given" to us by the group of drunk women....pretty sure he's using them backwards at that point)

(It was mascot day at Fenway? Can anyone tell us what the hell this thing is?? We were stumped)


Bret Saberhagen said...

Tell T Murph to take the sand out of his vagina and drink like a man.

DVicino said...

haha, in so many words, that's exactly what we said. Which resulted in the puke in rally. I must say, he responded well.

Also, Sabs is a legend....right up there with Jim Abbott.

Soxin10' said...

If I ever get to Remy's I expect to see a "do not serve" flier with ITM's name on it.

and I have no friggin idea what that mascot is. I assume its for a made up womens sport in Boston. Damn title 9.

Tim Murphy said...

Bret Saberhagen calling me out in the blog, this must mean we've officially made it!

memo to Bret: I redefined the puke&rally Sunday, a legend was written we'll talk about for years to come.

TM-SoulMate said...

You are my legend T Murph...I knew it would be our special day. I followed the smell of alcohol from Saturday night at Jillians straight to Fenway, I heard of the legend ordering a kiddy kup size beer at Remys and knew it was you when I heard your stimulating conversation about Adrian Beltre's cup size.....a piece of me will always be with you, enjoy the binoculars my legend....shake it murph shake it.

please track my location....I will be waiting

Tom said...

Hahaha..T.Murph the lady killa!!! Big rally at Remy's Tim. Although the waitress at the bar questioning your manhood & ability to consume more than a sip of beer was priceless. I thought when you showed up at the door Gatorade in hand & eyes a nice glossy shade of red you were in for a long day, I was prepared to get you a nipple for your beer. But nice rally & comeback kid!!

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