Monday, May 3

Once Again the Center of the Sports World

To be honest, going into tonight, I told myself to be happy with one win out of three....I thought I was reaching when I hoped for two W's....little did I know that Boston would once again be the center of the sports universe.

Clay Buchholz may have had his worst start of the year, but he didn't exactly go Josh Beckett on the Sox either. That's a little thing called composure. He kept the Sox in the game and maintained the lead as the bats showcased their frustration all night.

Clearly, Heidi's return made all the difference in the world. The bats woke up to beat an Angels team that is underachieving the exact same way as the Sox. Perhaps, we can also give some credit to NESN newcomer Jade McCarthy who is clearly bringing her A game of late:

More to come....but for now, I'll go to sleep with a smile on my face, instead of trying to choke myself with a blanket like the video below....

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