Wednesday, May 5

Tuesday Night Takeaways

Typed up on the blackberry while delayed on the subway this morning.....

As a sad and irrational Red Sox fan, I guess it comes as no surprise that I'm actually excited about this team right now. The pitching is starting to come around and the bats are about as lively as they can get given the lineup limitations. Do I think they'll win 96 games and make the playoffs? Not in this division. But I'm still convinced they'll make some noise, and if they can make the right trade deadline move, who knows. I've yet to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing for my health...

On to some takeaways....

-Pretty safe to say I can call Lester "Big Jon Stud" again....with the approval of Soxin10' of course

-2-0 since the return of Heidi. Just sayin.

-Lowell is doing everything right, even managing not to freak out given the circumstances. Ortiz seems to be doing everything wrong, seems like an equation that's really easy to solve to me.

-Just in case you missed another priceless post game Pedey quote in the comment section yesterday: talking about Ortiz and his struggles: "He's only had 60 at bats, a couple of years ago, I was hitting 170 after 60 at bats, and then what happened?.....THE LASER SHOW!"

-Pedey talks the talk (see below post) and walks the walk. I love Tek and all, but it's pretty clear who has stepped into the captain role

-Lester's splitter was filthy. 120 pitches is nothing. He's the definition of a horse (that's what she said?)

-Hoy es cinco de Mayo...5/5/'s also Nomar night at Fenway.I can hear Ozzie Guillen saying "that's as close to being Mexican as he'll ever get"

-We know the Angels are struggling (I can't type that word without thinking of Joe Namath anymore). They're a team with comparable issues to the Red Sox.....we assume we'll be there at the end of the year....but are they too flawed? (Keep in mind the same can be said for the Sox)

-With the above said, I still don't know if the Red Sox won that game or if the Angels just finally found a way to lose it. Juan Rivera looked like a 7 year old tee ball player trying to run down Hermy's 3 run double to put the game away.

-Ahhhhhhh Hermida?

Lackey against his old ball club tonight in the Fens, let's keep it rolling....


Soxin10' said...

Big Jon Stud is once again allowed. Thank you :)

ITM-Vicino said...

I appreciate the clearance. Now we're just working on a good one for Lackey....

I believe the Sox are on what's called a winning streak. I'll be on the budweiser roof deck tomorrow taking in Dice-k's performance. Good chance I'll try to get tasered on the field in the 5th if he's the typical Dice-K.

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