Thursday, July 15

Concern for the Sox in Brooklyn, and in Italy....

The All Star Break has ended (thank god), David Ortiz is back to commanding 2004-like media attention, and I'm still over in the old country (Italy).

The mish-mash combination of Joe and Tim Murph (not related....or are they??) have made somewhat of an attempt to keep ITM from being sued and relatively up to date.

But now, the games count. For real. We enter the second half with an amazing amount of question marks.....more than I can ever remember (save for when all of us couldn't figure out how Scott Cooper made the all star team back in the day).

I don't care how die-hard of a Sox fan you are, but if you say that you know everyone on the current roster YOU ARE LYING. I think we may have picked up Brian Rose off waivers (ITM note, isn't B Rose coaching womens slow pitch softball somewhere nowadays? That's a shame).

Word on the street is Joe Murph is giving tonight's game his all in his Brooklyn home. Sitting in special chairs, cooking special dinners, using vodoo dolls and stuff... While I'm here in Italy he's scared stiff about the second half.

To confirm, here's a GChat convo from earlier today:

Joseph: oh man are we banged up, who the hell is playing anywhere tonight?
me: no f'n idea
Joseph: beltre's out, pedey's out
me: completely lost
Joseph: i think youk's still out, martinez is out
me: i just assume it's Pawtucket out there at this point
Joseph: that's 4 out of 5 infielders jacoby's out is jd out?
me: Gotta just assume he's out with a bad mike lowell dead?
Joseph: probably, mike lowell's still prob dl....though uncertain honestly, we'll be lucky to have 3 position players regulars, and two of our 3 best pitchers are out....

This convo goes on for a while....we're both nervous about the upcoming series against Texas and the West Coast, but Joe Murph (Joseph huh??) is convinced we'll be at least 8 games back upon returning.

Here's hoping he's way off like samsonite.

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