Tuesday, July 13

George Steinbrenner, RIP

George Steinbrenner died this morning, his family has said. As Sox fans, we should remember how much we really do owe the man. If he hadn't poured his passion and his money into the Yankees all these decades, how could we have rooted against them so hard, thought about them so much, and celebrated so long when we finally beat them? How much less fun would we have had? Many, thanks, George. It's been a great run. RIP.


Soxin10' said...

RIP George, love him or hate him, it's a sad day in baseball.

Ok, that's enough sympathy for the Yanks, Go Sox!

ITM-Vicino said...

Somewhat of a heartless response Soxin10'...as a Sox fan, I can respect that, but still need to respect what the man did.

Joe Murph said...

He said RIP first, and that it was a sad day. No need to personally send flowers before we start worrying about the Sox again, I say. Vicino's just overlysentimental because he's on pilgrimmage to the homeland.

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