Saturday, August 7

Morning Brew - The Headlines in New York

Yeah, I know we tend to do this bit more when the Sox have won. Oh well, I'm still feeling pessimistic for this series, so I'm going to get this out of my system while I can still enjoy it.

NY Daily News
: Javier Vazquez Regresses When Yankees Need Him Most (This one is a bit precise for a headline, frankly, but they jam a lot of disappointment and humanity into it, so I'll give them points for that.)

NY Daily News: Hurry Back, Andy Pettitte (This was a common sentiment this morning. For every story about the game, there were two about Pettitte's successful bullpen session. For the last few months after all, it's been Sabathia and Vazquez carrying the 1-2 load, with Burnett uneven.)

NY Daily News: He's Back?!? Isiah Returns to Knicks (This I just had to include because it announces what I hope will be the return of New York sport's bonkers bad heyday. Can you believe that the Knicks have done this? (I don't know what's crazier, the fact that the Knicks have rehired Isiah, or the fact that this program's spell check has trouble with that name until I give it Thomas's messed-up spelling - 'Who is that you say? The prophet? Never heard of him. Oh, Isiah, the nutjob ballplayer - gotcha, we'll get rid of that squiggly red line right away, Mr. Murphy.') Vacarro in the Post had the best take on it, essentially spending a whole column challenging the Knicks ownership to a fight: "If someone walked up to you in a bar and treated you with the kind of disdain, the kind of naked contempt, that James Dolan showed you yesterday, there are just two ways you would possibly have reacted. If you are a woman, you would have thrown a drink in his face. If you are a man, you would have asked him to step outside.")

NY Post: Yankees Burned By Three Unearned Runs. (Rhyming's all right, I guess.)

NY Post: Err Ball (with picture of Cervelli drop) (Way too much thought involved here. I had to speak it aloud five different ways, like I was learning to read with phonetics, before I got the joke.

NY Post: Cervelli Wears Goat Horns Following Costly Drop (Oof, the Post is vicious, not only are they saying he ruined the game, but they have to go with a double-entendre suggesting he's been cuckolded? It's a rough town.)

NY Times: With Yanks' Help, Red Sox Inch Closer (I just put this one in because it was so hard to find. Had to dig through a story about cricket, Dutch league soccer, rugby, and three stories about how vuvuzelas will be banned at the US-Brazil friendly in the Meadowlands next week (ITM will be there, hopefully in the middle of one of the samba dance troupes.) The Times just hates America's pasttime, I think.)


ITM-Vicino said...

Joe Murph with all sorts of coverage, good stuff. The NY Headlines are amazingly comical...but the NY Times is just ridiculous, it's America, get your material in line!

The Knicks continue to be the biggest joke of a franchise I've ever seen.

Big match up today, go sox!

Soxin10' said...

Bad feeling about this game right now though. Ortiz has Kd on two awful pitches!

I also can't get over how god awful these Fox announcers are. They can't get a name right!!!

ITM-Vicino said...

Unfortunately you were right Sox...depressing game all around....what's even more depressing is that I somewhat agree with Dan Shaughnessy's column today. Bad sign.

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