Monday, August 2

No Magic Tonight - We're Asking For Too Much

The Sox couldn't pull off their third walk off win in a row tonight, although it was no fault of Adrian "I crush anything that moves" Beltre.

Since it's getting late, and I'm still recovering from a weekend in Montreal that took years off my life, I'll drop some post game notes/thoughts below:

- Lackey continues to show far too many commonalities with Dice-K. He was absolutely cruising through 4+ innings, looked great, then hit one hell of a wall, combine that with the crap that is Boston's bullpen, and the wheels come flying off.

-The Sox are now 19-18 in one run games. Quick math says that's way too many close ones at this point in the season, and certainly not a good enough record in them.

-Beltre remains studerific - he absolutely destroyed his second homerun to put the Sox within one.....needless to say, 19 taters, 71 rbi already is assuring him a crap-ton of money this off season.

-Ryan Kalish - the immediate impact despite intense pressure to perform is very impressive. We'll see what happens as scouts get more of a book on him. TMurph continues to lay claim to him as "his boy"....kind of odd, but I appreciate the man love:

Me: Kalish...3 for studly
Tim: for the record, he will serve as "my boy"
me: are you calling him your bitch?
Tim: No No, just my boy

-Youk's Injury - Don't Rub It! - But seriously, is anyone surprised at this? It's been 2 or 3 days since the last Red Sox injury, they were obviously due (in all seriousness, I'm praying this is a day to day stinger, otherwise our battleship is sunk).

-Once again Boston had runners thrown out at home tonight (including a gross collision/injury at home plate for Carlos Santana....gotta feel for that kid). When 36 some-odd percent of the games you play are won/lost by one run, this CAN"T KEEP HAPPENING.

-ARod continues to suck under the pressure of hitting his fake 600 number. I love it.

-Need a huge start from Beckett tomorrow, what else is new?

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