Wednesday, September 15

Am I A Bad Bostonian?

A funny thing happened last night. Without even realizing it, I watched the majority of the Yanks/Rays game over Clay Buchholz and the Sox facing off against the AL equivalent of the Pittsburgh Pirates (only if the Pirates had the most talented pitcher in the game).

ITM Gal even called me out for it, walking into the room and saying "why are you watching these clowns?". I swear my stock as a Bostonian went down a bit last night.

But let's be honest. The Yanks/Rays series has a ton of playoff implications (both real, and fantasy for me), and the game was just more entertaining. I know I should have watched the Sox as Clay Buchholz continued to make noise in consideration for the CY Young. But I just didn't.....I coudln't....... in addition to being an irrational and crazed Sox fan, I'm a fan of the game, and I hate that sometimes.

Regardless of my attempt at rationalizing this TV watching decision, I feel officially defeated as a Bostonian and as red sox fan.

ITM Note: Buchholz indeed deserves Cy Young consideration, but let's be honest, he's not going to win it. Maybe if the Sox were headed to the playoffs he'd have a chance, or a few more wins under his belt, but CC mostly has it locked up, despite King Felix (who's on my fantasy team, studly) best attempts at dominance while on the worst team in the AL.


Soxin11'?? said...

Normally i'd say you should be ashamed of yourself, but this year is different, I see no harm in watching good baseball when your hometown team is simply going through the motions.

DVicino said...

Sox...I wouldn't go so far as saying the Sox are simply going through the motions, but I do appreciate the affirmation that i'm not crazy....I think.

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