Wednesday, September 22

Hump Day Heidi

I know some of the ITM readers down on the Southcoast don't read Barstool sports too much, so I figured what better way to get through your hump day than a new pic of Heidi dominating the camera.

ITM note: Who is this dude and why the heck is he that close to Red Sox Nation's Queen? He needs to pump the breaks.

The Sox may be limping to the finish line with insignificant games, but Heidi continues to bring her 98 MPH fastball night in and night out.

It's pics like the one above that lead to people like this guy.....

No, that is not T Murph.....but either way....Yikes dude, Yikes.

1 comment:

Soxin11' said...

For a split second I was in love with hump day. Now I'm back to hating it.

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