Wednesday, September 29

Hump Day Heidi

The Sox have been officially eliminated from the postseason.....rumors and thoughts about 2011 are already on the airwaves. It's pretty depressing right?

Well boom, right when the Nation needs it the most, Hump Day Heidi is here to make our collective tails wag a little bit.

Given the dire state of the Nation, ITM went with a jackpot photo from last year of Heidi and Erin Andrews together. Something all men have been waiting for to complete their lives.

How the camera withstood the power of these two ladies together in one photo, no one knows. But thank god.


Soxin11iguess said...

Has this become a weekly thing? If not, can it be? Heidi goes a long way in getting ms through my hump day.

Anonymous said...

You need bigger/hotter pictures

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