Tuesday, September 21

Is Dice-K The Biggest Letdown Ever?

We've blogged about it a number of times here on ITM....but it has to be tough to find a greater overall let down/overpayment than Dice-K right?

Perhaps save for the 42 year old 1st round draft pick Greg Oden?

Random interesting/scary fact I ran across today during lunch: After another lackluster start last night against the mighty Orioles, Dice-K now has the longest streak of starts allowing four or more earned runs by a Red Sox pitcher since 1942.

How do you say yikes in Japaneses?

&#&^(@ - That's my official guess.

I can't think of a player who has been more overblown, over hyped, and overpaid for in my life...(yes, that even includes you JD Drew).

Where is the 103 mph fastball we were promised? The relentless pride that makes batters swing and miss before he even pitches? The gyro ball that baffles the best of hitters? The command of 9 different pitches which can be used in any count? The endless bowls of rice?

It's like buying a 30 pack of beer and not being able to drink it....we get all the costs but none of the expected benefits. (apologies for the bad analogy, it was a tough morning)....

Consider Dice-K's 2010 numbers:

An inflated record of 9-6, an ERA hovering around 5, and a WHIP of 1.41 (that is not a typo)....all done during one of his "prime years".

And don't even try to blame the cultural differences and adjustments, he's been here for too long for that crap.

At this point in the season I'm desperately looking for something to get me excited for 2011.....and Dice-K is doing the exact opposite.....well worth all the hype and over a hundy million spot right?


SendDiceKBack said...

The difference is Oden might actually end up being an All Star, we just don't know yet because he's been hurt so often.

But with DiceK we already know it was all a show and he's just not that good of a pitcher. I don't think you can call Greg Oden a bad baskeball player, not yet at least.

DVicino said...

So you agree that Oden is actually in his early 40's then. Good.

Unfortunately, you're probably right about the rest. Think Oden can throw a slider?

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