Monday, December 13

Sources: Mo Rivera Initiated Talks With Boston

"According to multiple major league sources, Mariano Rivera’s representatives were the ones to initiate contact with the Red Sox in an attempt to get the team interested in the closer. While the Red Sox would ultimately make a two-year offer to Rivera, according to sources the team’s expectation was that he would be returning to the Yankees. The 41-year-old ultimately re-signed with New York, securing a two-year, $30 million deal."

Perhaps Rivera could see the tide changing.  Contrary to the popular belief that the Sox reached out to Mo, it turns out it was NY's savior who got the Sox involved.   I'm sure after witnessing Theo's dominance at the winter meetings, Rivera wishes the Sox had landed him.

I can't say I blame him though, you know the Yanks would never let this happen, so why not try to pump up your salary and term?

The Yankees will be paying Mo 15 million dollars when he's 43.....I mean, the guy is a machine, and the greatest closer of all time, but I just can't seem to rationalize that in my head.


Soxin11' said...

Suprised to hear you admit he's the greatest ever (even if he is, it's tough to hear).

Test Rivera, just like Clemens, we should know better by now than to believe a man over 40 can be this good.

ITM-Vicino said...

Rivera isn't Clemens, he's made a living on perfecting one pitch. He doesn't need to shoot up to throw 96mph with the cutter he has.

I admit what he's doing brings up questions in today's day and age, but tossing in him with Clemens can not only get me sued (it's happened to others), but it jumps to some conclusions.

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