Monday, March 21

ITM's Digital Scribble Notes From the ML Complex...


1st inning:

Ran the count full, grounder to second
Ran the count full, walked on a check swing. 
Single to right. 
Double steal. 
Strike out on a high/bad pitch. 
Ground out to first. 

2nd inning:

Grounder to second. 
Walked. Out of the game. 

Hitting 90 on the gun. 

Strike out swinging 
Error on a grounder to third, runners now on second and third. 
Lazy fly ball to shallow center, out of inning. 

Push bunt single - steal
Opposite field double- RBI. Good pitch and hit
Poke to left off a bard fastball. 

Hitting 94 on the gun

Those are just my copy/pasted notes as it happens. What's up Nick Cafardo?

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