Sunday, April 3

Don't Blow This For Us Lackey...

I made a decision on the cost/benefit of staying up all hours to watch last night's game quite quickly. 

No chance. 

Lackey (who is quickly falling into the same distrust category as Dice-k)was on the mound against a team who tees off on him at all times. Something told me it would be a high scoring, long game that would start at 1am London time, ending with the sun/clouds ready to rise over the horizon. 

No chance I was staying up. And since I've yet to master any semblance of self control, I immediately woke up and ruined my chance of watchig the replay on MLBTV by checking the score. 

I also checked my 7 text messages, all saying terrible terrible things about Lackey. 

In typical Lackey fashion, he deflected some criticism by saying "it's only two games".  I'm sure that if Dice-K knew how to say "don't look at my pitching line, all that matters is that I felt good" in English, he would too. 

The pitching will surely improve (hopefully starting with Buchholz today), the question will continue to come back to Lackey and Beckett. Can they live up to anywhere near their expectations (or paychecks)? Or will they sink Boston's chances of putting together one its best teams in history?   Don't blow it gents.  Don't you dare blow it.  

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