Wednesday, April 6

A Shot of Optimism: With A Catch

The Red Sox are 0-4. Given the media coverage and panic, I'd say even all of London knows it, perhaps parts of Paris too.  It's bad.

Am I upset about it? For sure. Do I have a level of irrational hope in Dice-k to keep this team from going 0-5? For the same reason (as I mentioned in a recent post about the spring training carry over), I do.....which is a sign in itself about of how bad things are.

Either way, we all know the stats, no team has won the world series after starting the season 0-4, collective ERA of 72, team batting average of -7. It's all there and I'm sick of hearing about it.
Tito is right that no one will feel bad for this team. That's because the rest of the league knows that the Sox are loaded with talent (see Gordo's piece on how this team is like the Miami Heat of MLB...possibly a stretch, but I see what he's getting at).  Rome wasn't built in a day (insert any other applicable saying here).  It'll take some time to gel, but this team is built to do special things

Part of that may be making history by being the only team to start 0-4 and win the World Series.

....but god help them if they continue to play like this and get beat up by the Yanks in Fenway. By then, I'll be singing a very different tune (hence, optimism with a catch).
Pick us up Diceman.
ITM note:  This post contains optimism, something most of Red Sox Nation doesn't have right now.  Full disclosure, it's 70 degrees and sunny in London today, which is helping this irrational sense of optimism.  That and the fact that there is no "the world is ending, the Sox are 0-4" talk at the water cooler. Had it been 50 and raining, I likely would have bashed everyone (or not posted at all...silence is deafening).

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