Tuesday, August 19

Beckett scratched from next start, feels numbness in fingers

In what apparently has been an issue all season, Josh Beckett says there is numbness and tingling in his right ring and little fingers . Manager Terry Francona, who said Beckett would be scratched from his next start, indicated that it may have come from sleeping on his right arm on this weekend. “It’s just something I’ve been dealing with,” Josh said. “At some point, you’ve got to figure out what it is. It’s now what I want but at this juncture, it’s something that needs to happen.” The good news? (if possible) Beckett indicates that he is not feeling any pain. “I have some numbness in fingers I’m not used to having,” he said. “As far as pain goes, there’s pretty much no pain at all. It’s just that we’ve got to figure out what the hell it was … It’s something we’ve dealt with but I’ve never had to deal with it on that level.”

This is concerning on many levels, according to the Herald, the Red Sox trainer has been running multiple tests that seem to show it is not a aneurysm or related to poor circulation. Keep your fingers crossed for a positive outcome in yet another injury for the Red Sox.


Timothy said...


Joe and Julie said...

Were there this many concerns at this point last season? I feel like there weren't, but maybe I'm just looking back on it all with rose-colored glasses. Someone remind me of all the bad stuff going on at this point, please.

Timothy said...

Winning the World Series pretty much scrubbed all the bad memories away, but from what I remember:

1. Dice K sucked after the all star break, sucked being king.
2. Wake was battling a back injury.
3. Okajima was battling fatigue problems in his arm that led to a DL stint.
4. youk tanked at the plate in the second half.
5. and the yankees closed the divison race from 10 games to 2 or 3 games by sept.

thats what I can remember.

Anonymous said...

Good points. It just goes to show that there were definitely struggles last year as well. Although this year seems different for some reason.

Let's just hope this beckett thing is only a one start issue.

Anonymous said...

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Derek Vicino said...

I agree that something seems different this year. Maybe it's the injuries, the fact that the Rays don't seem capable of losing, or our questionable bullpen this year.

Every team has injuries and the Red Sox are no different, the Rays are winning with injuries, we should do the same. While we've had set backs this year (injuries, Buchholtz, Ellsbury, Tek) we've also had players step up (Lowrie, Youkilis, Drew). It will all shake out.

The Twins head out for a 14 game road trip so we'll see if they can hang in the wild card/AL central race.

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