Monday, August 18

Sox take home big 6-3 win in Baltimore

Manny Delcarmen let the Orioles back into the game (4-3) but the Red Sox and Big Papi came through when they needed to in the 9th to secure the 6-3 win. Cinco Ocho recorded 4 outs to seal the deal for the Sox.

While David Ortiz came through with an insurance supplying rbi double in the 9th but the story of the night was Jason Bay. Bay blasted two deep home runs to center while going 3 for 5 with 4 rbi for the winners. Jason's performance was needed in a lineup that was missing both JD Drew and Mike Lowell.

Jon Lester continues to be the true ace of this rotation this year. He stymied a previously hot Baltimore lineup going 7 innings, giving up only 4 hits and allowing 1 run on a home run to Aburey Huff.

Perhaps the only problem of the night for the Sox was Manny Delcarmen would could not be the 8th inning guy we all want him to be. He gave up two runs on 2/3rds of an inning while striking out one.

ITM note: The Rays are up 6-4 in the 9th against the Angels....nothing appears to be stopping them.

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