Friday, August 22

Bryd gets first Sox win, Tek has officially caught fire

Paul Bryd did exactly what the Red Sox signed him to up innings and keep this potent lineup in the game. Bryd's tendency to give up the long ball continued against a Toronto team that is playing very well under their new manager, but he was good enough to hold Toronto at bay and ensure the Red Sox would not have to sweat out another high scoring game on both sides.

Dustin Pedrioa got the Sox on board quickly in the first with a solo tater, he went on to go 2 for 4 with 3 rbi. But on the offensive end, the story of the night, check that, story of the week, has been Jason Varitek. Tek, who's bat finally got so bad that even the most die hard fans were questioning just what kind of net value the Sot out of him, has come out of his slump in a big way this week. He's hit a home run in each of the last three games and is batting well over .400 in his last 5 games. His confidence at the plate has gone up and you can tell he is currently seeing the ball very well right now. I think we all know how well respected Tek is as a catcher and game caller (the best in the league) but if he even hits .250 he has to be considered one of the most valuable catchers in the league.....which would also help him greatly in his contract negotiations that are coming up.

Unfortunately for the Sox, they were unable to make up any ground in the AL East as the Rays keep winning....this time thanks to Carlos Pena and Rocco Baldelli.

To update a previous mistake...the Yanks won 9-4 over Baltimore....not that it really matters. Anyone else notice that teams in the NL who are 10 games out of the division race don't even get mentioned?


Anonymous said...

the yanks won last night u idiot! go yanks! f the sux

Aris Azarmsa said...

check out the best site ever! love your site.

Derek Vicino said...

Annoynomous, my mistake, I own up to it. It was a late night of studying for a final in my masters program and I must have read the score wrong. I'll make corrective changes to the blog.

Now are you ready to own up to the fact that you're a senseless yankees fan who can only type "f the sox go yanks" on a message board?

You're making all yankee fans look like clowns. Bring some value next time.

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