Saturday, August 23

If Toronto had 55 games left and not 35...i'd be really concerned

The Bluejays put a big hurt on the Red Sox and Jon Lester this afternoon. In a 11-0 loss, Jon Lester was hit surprisingly hard, giving up 8 hits and 7 earned runs in only 2 and a third innings. The bullpen didn't fare much better as Toronto's hot offense continues to just punish Red Sox pitching. They have now won 7 out of 10 games against Boston this season and are 7 games behind the Sox in the wild card with 8 more head to head match ups to go.

Vernon Wells may be starting to return to his all-star form of 2006, he went 4-5, smashing two home runs and made two beautiful plays in center field. He and the rest of this Toronto team has really responded to the coaching change and are playing good baseball. If this was late July and not late August, I would be sincerely concerned that they could ride the hot streak back into playoff consideration. While I'm not ready to completely rule them out, (if they continue their dominance against Boston, the mere fact that they have 8 games against the Sox to go could make it interesting), there simply might not be enough games for their comeback to be completed.

The Red Sox, who had started this road trip 3-1 and were swinging the bats well, were unable to get themselves back in the game. In the first two innings they went 0-5 with runners in scoring position, they missed out of some great opportunities early in the game and before they knew it they were completely out of contention this afternoon.

All we can hope for now is a way that both Tampa and the Whitesox lose when they face each other this evening.

ITM Note: Carl Pavano goes for the Yanks tonight in his first start since the end of the Vietnam war, maybe he actually start earning his money. Should be interesting to watch.

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