Saturday, August 2

Evil Empire Update

As I sit here on a rainy Saturday afternoon watching the Yankees/Angels match up, I can't help but wonder if the Yankees are truly the biggest winner after the trade deadline.

Xaiver Nady and Domaso Marte
As much as it hurts me to say it as a Red Sox fan, this move makes the Yanks considerably stronger. It addresses a few of their needs as a result of their injuries and holes. Their line up is now both deeper and stronger, Nady fills the gap that the injured Matsui leaves behind (ITM note: Matsui took 25 swing a few days back and might not be too far away from coming back). At 29, Nady is quite young by Yankee standards and has upside. He won't put up huge numbers, but he's on pace for a .330 avg, 25 home runs and 100 rbi season. With Marte they get a solid late-inning lefty. He has yet to really throw well for the Yankees, but the potential is there. Perhaps the most important part of the deal is the fact that all they gave up was Kyle Farnsworth, sure he had been pitcher better this year, but he is still far from a sure thing out of the bullpen. This is a steal for the Yanks.

I'm not sold:
Pudge Rodriguez
At 36 and with significantly less muscle mass than a few years back, Pudge is not the season long answer at catcher. Despite the media's obsession with this deal, it is not a significant upgrade from Molina. Sure Pudge should hit for a higher average, but is not the defense gem Molina is behind the plate (Molina is throwing out an average of 48% of runners). I'm just not as sold on this acquisition, he will not be an everyday factor for the Yankees, but could provide leadership in the race for the post season.

Take aways:
The Yanks are certainly a better team post the trade deadline, how much better remains to be seen. As a Red Sox fan, while the Yankees concern me, I believe the true winner of the trade deadline was the LA Angels. Acquiring Mark Teixiera was a great move and satisfied the only hole in team. Being the reining Champions, the Boston Red Sox can't be counted out, but the competition for a repeat just got tougher.


Joe and Julie said...

Definitely agree that the Angels came out the strongest here. I just don't see the Pudge deal for the Yanks as a big coup. Pop in the bottom of their line-up wasn't the problem for the Yanks. Sure it was lacking, but that was okay. What they needed to address was starting pitching. Maybe I'm wrong and Pudge hits and manages to strengthen the pitching staff, but I don't see him doing anything behind the plate as well as Molina does these days. Pudge's first throw was about three yards wide on what should have been an easy put-out. Molina's numbers in that capacity were sick, and I liked the way he was handling the staff. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Fittingly for you, Molina went 3 for 3 with a homerun and a run scored yesterday. The Yanks still have some question marks going foward though, i'm not sold on them making the playoffs.

Derek Vicino said...

yeah, Molina and I are "like this" so I'm sure he knew I was writing about him over Irod so he decided to perform.

In all seriousness I agree that the Yanks still have some question marks. I can say the same about the Red Sox however. Regardless, the next two months will be intersting for sure.

Derek Vicino said...

...and of course Pudge hits a tater today....impressive comeback win by the Yanks, doesn't mean I don't hate them.

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