Friday, August 1

Manny goes let's move on

You can't duck it today, Manny has been traded, everyone is an expert and everyone has their opinions about the deal. So now you'll read about mine......

Earlier this morning I emailed some buddies with these thoughts.....I've had some time to think about it and my opinions remain the same:

"A healthy and positive Jason Bay should be much more valuable to us than a disgruntled Manny would be. His effort probably wasn't going to be there for the Sox in the remaining two months. It was a necessary move.

Giving up two current non factor players was more than expected (Hansen and Moss), but national sportswriters are all viewing this by name recognition only. Jason Bay isn't Manny by name, and they are not in the same "class" but:

-Bay was the national league rookie of the year in 2004.

-Over the last three years is averaging .285, 30 and 100 rbi (not too far behind Manny of late).

-Is a better defender (especially on the road), better base runner (averages 12-15 SB's).

-At 29, his best years are in front of him.

-Bay is now in a MUCH better lineup.

-Pitt is a pitchers ballpark. 383 to left and 411 to the gaps.

-We have him for the remainder of this season and next season for "only" 7.5 million. It gives us enough time to get a true evaluation of his ability with the Red Sox and leaves 12.5 million left over from Manny's option next year to pick up another hitter or solid arm.

That said, if Jason Bay can't handle Boston and struggles here while Manny rakes out in LA...look out, it won't be pretty in the Fens.

As much the national scene doesn't like this deal for the Sox, I'm ok with it. I will miss Manny diving to cutting off random throws from the outfield and high-fiving fans....but he simply had to go."

In the end, did we give up a sure fire hall of famer? Absolutely. Will Manny rake out in LA? Most likely. Is Manny at 36, and 37 THAT much better than Jason Bay at 29 and 30? No.....

this seems eriely similar to 04'....


Anonymous said...

I agree that there was a strange divide between national attention and local coverage today. From the national, it felt almost entirely negative towards the Sox, and from the local (WEEI, NESN,, everyone seemed to agree with the move. I think you're right that a lot of it seems to be name recognition. ESPN guys are all apparently under the impression that we traded Manny from three years ago.

Anonymous said...

So sure, I'm not very proud of the emotion, but yes, I was very glad to wake up this morning and find that Manny had hit into a game-ending double play in a game against a division rival. Maybe it's just because the whole thing's so fresh, but at least right now, this isn't like when Nomar left and I wished him well. Right now, I'm not wishing Manny that well.

Derek Vicino said...

I was also struggling with wanting Manny to walk to first base or strike out and shrug it off without care. Since it is so fresh I don't want him to go out there and rake. However it did feel really good to see him ground into a double play and hear the sigh of all those fake LA fans. At least it didn't go extra innings so they can all go back and work on their screen plays.

Also, Manny will be cutting off his dreadlocks and is currently wearing number 99. Just because he's in LA doesn't mean we all won't be checking out the late game box scores.

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