Friday, August 1

A few pregame notes...

  • Jason Bay has made it through the first of many rounds of media questions. He seems like a composed individual who is here to work hard and understands what is expected.
  • Jason landed at Logan this morning and said he had strangers offering to carry his bags, welcome to Boston Jason.
  • Tito has slated Jason to hit 5th tonight against the A's. I'm a fan of this move, but eventually putting JD Drew back into the 3 spot where he flourished might spark his bat.
  • It may take a little while for Jason to settle in, but a Red Sox victory tonight will go a long way in making that transition easier.
  • If you don't know much about Jason Bay, "Extra Bases" had a great article detailing his background:
  • How typical of Manny was it for him to be taking a nap when he was traded. I've heard that he didn't know of the trade until 6pm est.
  • EEI also reported today that between last night and this morning, Joe Torre "had yet to reach Manny on his cell phone"...have fun Joe.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else a little surprised at how excited they are to see Lester coming up tonight? Would you have expected that he's who you wanted to see when you need a win?

Anonymous said...

Lester has become our stopper? I'm not sure if i'm excited or worried about that. Lester has been great and all, but that title needs to go to Beckett, or at least Dice K. If the Sox can get the three of them going all at the same time, then we'll be in good shape.

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