Saturday, September 13

Bartolo to Save the Day....?

After a rough game one lost, the Red Sox are looking to the big man, Bartolo Colon to avoid a double header sweep. Colon hasn't pitched since June, 16th, since then he's struggled with a lower back strain. The el guapo nuevo was 4-2 in six starts with the Sox before going on the DL, while sporting a 4.10 ERA. Keep your fingers crossed for a quality start tonight.

I really don't want to post about game 1's 8-1 loss, but I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by Devern Hansack. The 30 year old pitcher threw 3 hitless innings in what amounted to insignificant baseball, but it was 3 hitless innings nonetheless....just trying to look at the bright side of a dark afternoon game.

ITM Note: Hansack is 30??...I was ready to write "the 23 or 24 year old Hansack" but when I decided to look him up I had to check two different sources to be sure....turns out he is indeed 30. I'm so used to every Sox arm out of the minors being a 25 year old or younger major league ready stud....but hey, we'll take whatever arms we can at this point.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, he's 30?

Insidethemonster said...

Yep...30...and from Nicaragua...which means he's closer to 40.... much for Bartolo to save the day huh?? Can't believe I gave him the el guapo nuevo name...damn it.

Dale Sams said...

Recovered well after giving up the five spot...great game. How about that hammering 30 foot drive to bring in the winning run?

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