Sunday, September 14

Lester Outpitches Halladay, Sox Within One of the Rays

Mr. Lester, thank you. Thank you for being the most consistent starter in our rotation this year. Thanks for exceeding every one's expectations this year by being 15-5 with a 3.15 era and 144 k's. Thanks for battling with Roy Halladay toe to toe and winning....and oh yeah, thanks for beating cancer too.

The Red Sox closed to within one game of the Rays (who lost to the Yanks) in the AL East after their 4-3 win at Fenway this afternoon. Boston closed out a 4 game series against the hottest team in baseball by taking 3 of 4, I'm pretty happy about that. How they will once again enter into a big series with the Rays with the chance to come out of it in the AL East lead.

Coco Crisp continued his hot streak by driving in two runs, and David Ortiz showcased his speed with a triple in the 8th, which resulted in an insurance run that was very much needed. Cinco Ocho worked the 9th and was far from sharp, almost giving up the lead, but nailed it down in time to preserve the victory. It was his 38th save of the season, but probably his 38th best of the year. But hey, at this point, a win is a win, and they'll take everyone they can get as the Sox continue to scoreboard watch.

ITM Notes:

-Jacoby stole his 48th base of the season today.

-It appears that JD Drew will not be back until after the Rays series...but that is more my gut feeling than anything else.

-I think it's safe to say Toronto is no longer "in" the wild card race.

-I can't wait to start the magic number watch...can't do it yet, just a little too early, but it's like being 6 years old and having the "Christmas countdown".


Timothy said...

lets go back to March and a conversation we had, went something like this:

Me: "I'm expecting big things out of Lester this year."

You: "definately, big year for him."

Insidethemonster said...

I agree, we called it. I remember that conversation, butwho else is going to believe us? That said, I don't think either of us thought he would be THIS good.

...but we can certainly claim that we predicted these exact numbers, i'm ok with that.

Dale Sams said...

Baseball Prospectus hadhim at 8-8 I believe. John Farrell said he was going to be an ace and don't forget Texas wanted him as part of the Arod trade.

insidethemonster said...

fuck the red Sox!!!!!

Insidethemonster said...

again...great insight....and you used the "insidethemonster" name on your reply. I'm sure you thought that was intelligent on your part. Of course no one believes that was me because you don't have the Red Sox logo image beside your name.

I'll leave your post up for a few hours just so people can see the lack of class other fan bases have. I know some Red Sox fans do the same, but not on this site. How about you leave a value-added comment and then maybe i'll won't delete your stuff. Ass clown.

Tim Murphy said...

I have an idea, how about that ass clown sticks to posting on youtube and facebook.

Amanda said...

Hey, Sox fans. Rays fan here. I have a favor to ask of you guys.
Only problem is, I have a feeling I'll be preaching to the choir here, since the guys on this blog don't seem like the people I need to reach. I'm just hoping you can help spread the word to the other Sox fans.
Here in Tampa/St. Pete, we're having an issue with Red Sox fans crying about the fact that we're mean to them when they come to our games. How are we "mean"? They hate our cowbells and we heckle them for wearing Sox gear to a Rays game. Really? Giving someone a hard time for wearing the road team's gear is being mean?
Here's the real issue: to us long-time Rays fans, this is like the schoolyard bully crying to the teacher because the scrawny kid finally hit him back. The general perception of Red Sox fans here in Tampa Bay is NOT a good one. In fact, I know people who purposely won't go to Rays/Sox games because the Red Sox fans have been so abusive of us - in our own house - for the past ten years. By abusive I mean throwing food/beer at us, trying to start fights, and cursing us out. What did we do to provoke this? We wore Rays shirts and jerseys, and weren't cheering for the Sox. Seriously, that's it. Yes, here in St. Petersburg.
Now, the situation wasn't so bad before 2004. That's how I know that the majority of these assholes aren't real Sox fans at all, they're bandwagon riders. Real Sox fans? Generally really good fans, open to some good-natured back and forth ribbing, can talk baseball and can sympathize with our struggles. So really, our problem is the bandwagon fans. The thing is, they've caused the Sox "fan" base to absolutely explode down here. Therefore, the general perception of Red Sox fans around here is drunken, obnoxious, abusive assholes.
So here's my plea to you guys. For the sake of everyone, Sox and Rays fans alike, we need you to teach these people about respect. You want to come to St. Pete to cheer on your Sox? That's fine! I like to travel to watch the Rays, too! But they need to realize that regardless of attendance, they're guests in our house, and they need to think of it that way. You wouldn't go to a new friend's house and sit in your boxers on the couch with your feet on the coffee table, after drinking all his beer and grabbing his wife's ass. Sure, cheer for the Sox, if that's your thing. But realize there are ways to cheer for and support your team respectfully.
Again, I know you guys aren't the ones we're having trouble with, since I do read this blog and most of you here seem like great fans (and people). But really, if you could spread the word, and educate some of the punks that are giving the rest of you a bad name, I think we'd all be better off.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, I feel you on this one and apologize, and hope that we can chalk it up to 'bandwagon' fans like you said. In the meantime, I encourage you to keep picking on fans who show up with the Sox gear. It's good for the rivalry and I'm looking forward to ramping it up in the ALCS.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the magic number. It really is like the Christmas countdown.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the magic number. It really is like the Christmas countdown.

Insidethemonster said...

Amanda i'll reiterate what you and others have now way are those Red Sox fans "real fans". Being able to walk into another team's stadium and take some trash talk while enjoying the game is what it is all about.

Personally, I'm such a big fan of the Red Sox that the 5% of Red Sox nation that are completely irrational and "drunk slobs" piss me off more than Yankee fans, as they are representing me in a poor manner. That said, I think every team has some of "those fans", but since RSN is such a big network of people, you tend to see more of them.

I sincerely enjoy hearing the opinions of fans from other teams and taking part in interesting baseball talk. The yelling, screaming and fighting just isn't what baseball is about. Don't get me wrong, I go to Fenway, eat hot dogs, drink 8 dollar beers and cheer man fan like every fan should and could, but some take it WAY too far.

As bad as some of the Red Sox fans may seem down there, please spread the word that most of us are just overly passionate, intelligent fans of our home team and the game in general.

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