Saturday, September 27

Bigger Concerns after Loss

Not a whole lot to be said about the Sox 19-8 loss to the Yankees. The Sox pulled several starters---including Dice-K---after the rain delay stretched over two hours. They promptly got crushed. That means the Rays have officially won the AL East, a line that up until a few weeks ago, I never foresaw writing. But more on that in another post.

The real story coming out of Friday night was Mike Lowell. Lowell was pulled after only one at bat with soreness in his back. Reports after the game were absolutely disheartening. Lowell was taking seriously questions as to whether he should even be on the roster for the ALDS. Francona was similarly treating it as an open question. Lowell's regular season is done, and the Sox seem to think this could be a serious problem in the playoffs.

So that's the story to watch coming out of this game. The Angels picked the Wednesday-Friday series, so the Sox might have a little bit more flexibility as to the roster, but let's just hope that after a doctor's visit today, Lowell is a bit more optimistic about his spot on that roster.

There were a couple bright spots. Jacoby stayed hot. Very hot. He went 4 for 5 last night with a lead-off home run. He seems poised to peak at just the right time. And two Sox got their first major league hits, so congrats Gil Velasquez and George Kottaras. Best of luck at the Show, fellas.

That's it for the wrap-up, but check back in over the weekend as ITM starts prepping for the Playoffs. (Cue Dane Cook, "There's only one...", holy crap, who hired Dane Cook this year? Seriously?)

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DVicino said...

I seriously hate Dan Cook during the playoffs. Jesus who was the marketing team that decided it would be beneficial to bring him back?

Anyways, VERY concerened about Mike Lowell. I'm hoping to hear better news over the weekend, but there already appears to be talk about roster spots and it may be beneficial to the Sox to actually leave Lowell off the ALDS roster.

Also, congrats to Jacoby for stealing his 50th base of the season, only 4 others have done that in Red Sox history.

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