Thursday, September 25

Lester Looks Sharp, Sox Win.

The Red Sox AL East hopes are still alive after at 6-1 win tonight against the Indians. The Rays did their part losing to the Tigers earlier in the day. Each team has 3 games left and for the Sox to finish in first they have to win out, and the Rays would have to lose their last 3. The Sox play the Yankees to close the season and the Rays finish up against the Tigers.

Jon Lester looked great tonight in his last start before the playoffs. Lester went 6 innings, giving up 2 hits and striking out 4 to improve his record to 16-6 on the year. I was thinking back to when Johan Santana was on the market and the Sox were willing to give up Ellsbury and Bucholz, but when the Twins asked for Lester the Sox said no way. Needless to say, Lester has been nothing short of a stud this season for the Red Sox. He is 16-6 with a 3.21 era if that has been updated correctly after the game.

The Sox bullpen also took another big step. Okajima, Masterson and Papelbon pitched 3 perfect innings to close out the game. If the Sox can get their bullpen in line for the playoffs Tito won't have to be worry about his starters going deep into games, which was a key to last years championship run.

At the plate tonight Ellsbury stayed hot going 2-4 with 2 runs at the top of the order, and Jed Lowrie snapped out of his mini slump also going 2-4 with 2 runs. Kevin Youkilis added his 28th round tripper of the year, count on him getting some MVP consideration along with Pedroia.

ITM notes from the game:

David Ortiz had the night off, and probably tomorrow too as the Sox announced Mike Lowell will DH tomorrow.

Drew had the night off as well, draw your own conclusions.

Alex Cora took a fastball off the thigh for the second straight night and left the game, probably just a bruise, DON'T RUB IT!

NL playoff chase updates:

The Dodgers clinched the with the Diamondbacks losing 12-3 today, and the Mets silenced their critics coming back to win 7-6 tonight. The Brewers and Pirates are tied 1-1 in the 10th inning, Milwaukee has to win to keep pace with the Mets.


D Vicino said...

Jonny was indeed on the hitter through 5, bullpen looked great. The lineup still needs to come together but that'll start tomorrow with Lowell getting some swings.

AL East is highly unlikely, but at this point i'm pefectly ok with taking the wildcard and getting ourselves in line for a run in October.

go sox

Soxin08' said...

Rays are losing to Detriot...looks like Tito is going to field a triple A lineup tonight due to the's likely the Rays won't lose out, but does this effectively hand over the division tonight?

BeatinTheHeat said...

I know how most Sox fans feel about the thought of a band-wagon fan, so I'll be speaking somewhat from the standpoint of anonymity. One quick disclaimer though; I was brought into the fence line realm of Sox fandom through marriage. What's worse for me, I have been a life-long fan of the Cards (shhh!). However, because of the well known troubles Boston had during an 86-year span and my TRUE appreciation for sports, it was an easy transition to find a soft spot in my heart (with a little help from the book Bill Simmons wrote). Anyway, enough about history; this is the PRESENT, the NOW, the NEAR FUTURE. The Sox have yet again made the post-season, which for any other team in the AL playoffs (or NL for that matter) should be extremely disheartening. The Red Sox will claim a long awaited back-to-back championship ring. Consider the pre-season/season adversity they have been through, and the soft spot has gained mass; I will once again be on the edge of my seat cheering them on. Partly because my Cards are on the golf course, but mostly because my wife wants to enjoy her last month with me for a year. Wouldn't want to be sleeping in the spare bedroom. One closing thought in response to T-Murph's blog. If I had a vote, it would easily be a two-for for Sox fans this year; 3rd championship in the last five years, and an MVP award for little Dusty Pedroia. Yes one could make an argument for his teammate Youkilis, or even Cliff Lee, but consider these numbers: BA (2nd), Runs (1st), top 20 SLG % and top 30 in RBI. Not bad for what one might consider a true lead-off hitter; notice his ranking in OBP in the league (11th). Oh, by the way, he's on a team that made the playoffs. Which is somehow deemed a prerequisite for most voters. The kid has been a virtual pinball in the batting order since that one guy's departure to the Dodgers, and he's managed to produce.....and produce well wherever he hits. Anyway, GOOD LUCK all you TRUE Sox fans!!!! I'll be waiting here with you in anticipation of another ring presentation.

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