Monday, September 1

Jay Payton is a bum

When used to describe a baseball, the word "bum" is reserved for those players that you just don't like. For me, Jay Payton is one of them (also included on this list is Gary Shefield, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Arod, and when I was very little, Rich Gedman...not sure why but I just didn't like him).

In the bottom of the sixth Jay Payton made an attempt to deek Jason Bay into thinking he was going to catch a lined shot off the bat of Jed Lowrie. Instead, he deeked himself out. The ball ended up bouncing off the wall so hard that it got right by him and Bay scored easily. It's not plays like this that make liking Jay Payton difficult for me, it's the way he conducted himself and ultimately left Boston. As a 4th outfielder he was convinced he should be starting on the Red Sox and essentially forced the Sox to trade him. The selfish move took him away from a great, successful franchise and brought him to Oakland first and now the cellar-dwelling O's. Unable to accept his role as the 4th outfielder that could provide the Red Sox a spark off the bench, he pouted, whined and cried until he got his wish.....I'm pretty sure he stomped his feet and threatened to hold his breath forever.

Anyways, I'll get off my soapbox....the Sox are now up 4-3 (thanks to some timely hitting and solo shots from Tek and Bailey). Go Sox


Anonymous said...

my list of bums is:
1. adam dunn
2. gary sheffield
3. jimmy rollins
4. jason varitek
5. carlos beltran

who I like:
1. tim lincecum
2. cc sabathia
3. derek jeter
4. xavier nady
5. aaron rowand

Derek Vicino said...

Aris, I'll agree with your "bum" category ...and even your "liked" players....with the exception of Jason Varitek. I tried looking at it without my red sox bias...and I just don't see it. In many ways, he's the Derek Jeter of the Red Sox team. He is a quiet leader that every pitcher wants to throw to. He studies the game more than anyone i've seen, and in my opinion, could be a great coach someday. I just don't see the hatred, as a Sox fan, I respect Jeter, and figured Tek got the same respect outside of New England.

Players on the Sox that I could see "outsiders" not liking are:

-Pedrioa (he has what everyone thinks is a cocky edge to him, but most people don't realize what he's been through and that most of the time he is joking...he needs that edge)

-Youk (he is a gamer who plays every play hard, that said, he's not well liked throughout the league)

-Schilling (enough said, i'm sure if he wasn't on the Sox i'd hate him)

Anonymous said...

sorry about tek... i just kinda think hes a jerk... beltran is a cocky idiot. pedroia is cool even though i hate him

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