Tuesday, September 2

Youk out of the lineup with back spasms

At 6:45 Kevin Youkilis was doing some wind sprints in right field getting ready for tonight's match up with the O's.....in the middle of those sprints Youk grimaced and bent over in some visible pain. He was a late scratch in an already VERY different lineup for the Red Sox who continue to play good baseball and win despite significant injuries. Reportedly, Youk experienced lower back spasms after initially being in the lineup as the clean up hitter. Pedroia has been moved from the number two spot to cleanup, and I'm sure he's letting everyone know about it.

Unlike 50% of the rest of the team, Jason Bay is not injured. He is merely receiving a night off (not the best night for that Tito).

Looks like we'll be looking for Pedoria to continue his assault on any pitcher he faces....Go Sox.

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